About Us

Nusantara Logistic is a transportation service company. Nusantara Logistic is a company that holds fast with commitment, high dedication and has the ability to provide the best service to customers. As a logistics company we always try to improve service, safety, competition & technological development in the Logistics world.

Customer satisfaction is a measure of our success as a form of our commitment to customers, this we can achieve through understanding the needs, desires and perspectives of each customer, in order to provide quality and timely services. This point can be realized by implementing personnel approach in helping customers to find out the needs and provide the best logistics solutions for customers.

Nusantara Logistic has built and maintained excellent relationships with vendors from various shipping companies, airlines, trains, customs, quarantine and surveyors and is supported by experienced staff. Nusantara Logistic offers a safe, timely, efficient delivery process and a neat & updated delivery report.


Shipping Via Sea

We have a shipping service worldwide via the sea with the cheapest rates, safe, and reliable and protected by insurance.

Air Shipping

We serve the delivery of goods via airplane at very cheap, safe, and reliable rates and are protected by insurance.